【Free Shipping】 【Goods】 HERMES 【HERMES】】 ー 35 ン 35 ト リ リ ヨ ン ン ク レ レ マ ン ン エ ー ト エ Silver hardware handbag

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Product management number (product URL):2658-vv-02037-iw
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HERMES 【HERMES】 35 ー ト ン 35 ト リ リ ヨ ン ン ク レ マ ン ン ス ト ゥ ー ト ー シ ル バ ー シ ル 金 具 ハ ン ド バ ッ グ ー ド 刻印 □ P imprinted leather HERMES 【HERMES】 HERMES Birkin 35 Taurillon Clemence Etoupe Handbag □ P leather HERMES

Management No. vv-02037-iw
brand name HERMES [Hermes]
Product name Birkin 35 SilverHardware
Model number □ P marking
Color Etope

We match to the product as much as possible,
The color may differ depending on the environment.
Material Trillon clement
Body: about W 35 cm × H 2 5.5 cm × D 18 cm
Handle: about 35.5 cm
specification Turn lock, flap opening and closing
Inside: zipper pocket × 1 pocket × 1
accessories Storage bag Cadena Crochet Key x 2
※ There are small scratches etc. on the cadena and key.
A rank
There is a small dirt on the outside side below the bottom and a slight thread at the bottom, but it is not a big one. There is a thin small scratch on the bracket part. There are a few scratches on the inside, but there are small white spots on the inside. (See photo)
Although there is a slight mark on the inner bottom part, there is a small black stain at one place, but it is a very beautiful and recommended gem on the whole.
comment A high-grade bag [Berkin 35] has arrived from Hermes. Soft soft popular material [Toryon Clemente] colors that can not easily be obtained [Etope]. Compatibility with the silver metal fittings is also good and elegant with a sense of luxury. The storage capacity is high and the practicality is also excellent at 35cm and a little large at the side, and it is an excellent one that you can patronize all season.
There is only one actual item!
Please buy by all means at this opportunity.

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Category Handbag
Product number (model number)□ P marking
TypeBrand bag
MaterialTrillon clement
AccessoriesStorage bag Cadena Crochet Key x 2

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